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Here you can find hard-to-find titanium and nickel alloy products developed by Zuudee BYD special metal alloy team. All capabilities are strictly inspected including know-how or patents, production facilities, Production Process Validation,number of skilled and professional employee,samples and end-users,etc. Email: info(@)bydtitanium.com
By Sally Zhang | 30 December 2022 | 0 Comments

What are the heat treatment technology of titanium alloy?

(1) Stress relief annealing: the purpose is to eliminate or reduce the residual stress generated during processing. Prevent chemical attack and reduce deformation in some corrosive environments.
(2) Complete annealing: The purpose is to obtain good toughness, improve processing performance, facilitate reprocessing and increase the stability of size and structure.
(3) Solution treatment and aging: The purpose is to improve its strength. α titanium alloy and stable β titanium alloy cannot be strengthened heat treatment, and only annealing is carried out in production. α+β titanium alloy and metastable β High Purity Titanium Alloy containing a small amount of α phase can further strengthen the alloy through solution treatment and aging. 
In addition, in order to meet the special requirements of the workpiece, the industry also uses metal heat treatment processes such as double annealing, isothermal annealing, β heat treatment, and thermomechanical heat treatment.

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