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Here you can find hard-to-find titanium and nickel alloy products developed by Zuudee BYD special metal alloy team. All capabilities are strictly inspected including know-how or patents, production facilities, Production Process Validation,number of skilled and professional employee,samples and end-users,etc. Email: info(@)bydtitanium.com
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Non-magnetic titanium alloy isolation sleeve for magnetic pump

Ti6al4v Gr.5 titanium alloy non-magnetic isolation sleeve is suitable for titanium alloy magnetic pump titanium alloy magnetic pump matching titanium alloy isolation sleeve titanium alloy processing.
The role of magnetic pump isolation sleeve:
The titanium spacer sleeve is the only part that fully embodies the advantage of no leakage in the magnetic drive pump. The spacer sleeve acts as a static sealing spacer between the inner and outer rotors, allowing the magnetic torque of the magnetic drive to pass through the spacer sleeve without contact. On the impeller, on the other hand, the high temperature, high pressure and even toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive media inside the pump will not leak. The isolation sleeve made of titanium alloy, Hastelloy alloy, zirconium alloy and other materials produced by Zuudee BYD Titanium is more durable. Corrosion, while having better mechanical properties, less magnetic loss, the isolation sleeve of the high-pressure magnetic pump is one of the most critical parts to achieve no leakage, and it is a sealing cover with a thin shell structure fixed on the pump cover. The inner magnetic rotor, impeller and main shaft parts of the permanent magnetic coupling are closed and rotated in the cavity formed by the spacer sleeve and the pump body.

ThreeIsolation Shell Options
The isolation shell separates the pressurized product area from the surrounding atmosphere. To meet the specific requirements of your applications, Zuudee offers three different isolation shell options.

  1. Hastelloy®-C4
    is our standard isolation shell material - providing a safe and efficient solution.
  2. Titanium Alloy 
    is an upgrade to our Hastelloy® shell when higher pressure ratings and increased efficiency are required.
  3. Pure Titanium
    handles extremely aggressive chemicals where Hastelloy®-C4 or Titanium Alloy would not withstand.

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